Nov. '19

What I'm doing now:

Current Projects: My home is finally complete! The built-ins got installed in the loft. Black Cat Cabinetry did an amazing job. We loved being a part of Craft Lake City so much we decided to be a part of their first holiday market in Ogden. It is just one day instead of three, so if you are in Ogden on Dec. 7th be sure to come say hi! Pinners was also great. We made tons of connections and have lots of collabs with other local makers lined up.

Styles I'm Loving: I am currently obsessed with what I'm going to call the new post modern. Think 80's - 90's. I know that sounds really awful. But I am loving the electric blue, the big chunky furniture, and all those "Saved by the Bell" patterns.

Things I can't Live Without: Local / handmade shops. I LOVE Etsy! You can always find something unique. It is my number one place for Christmas gifts. You can never go wrong with one - of - a - kind / handmade. I also love supporting local. That is one reason why I bought so many awesome things from the Pinners convention and Craft Lake City. Oh and if you are a UT local be sure to check out Salt & Honey. (It's like a brick on mortar Etsy. Amazing!)

Here are some of my new favorite shops: @oaklanemarket, @theclutteredwall, @wickedwoodsjewelry, @larsloveletters, @oneone2design

Things I'm Enjoying: I need all the dog bananas! #lilluka is so dang cute in every color and pattern, I can't control myself. I'm pretty sure she'll get a few more for Christmas.


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